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Wellbeing/Mental HealthSkill Building

Dr. Ali Mattu

HYBRID EVENT -- Anxiety and Stress Reduction Strategies for Teens and Adults

HYBRID Event - In person in the Silverleaf Room at the Culinary and Hospitality Center at College of DuPage and on Zoom at noon, and on Zoom at 7 p.m.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Ali Mattu spent a decade treating anxiety disorders at New York City’s top hospitals and became frustrated by the health care system’s inability to meet the increasing needs of the public related to anxiety, depression and suicide. So, he shifted his focus to educating the public and creating scalable forms of mental health support.

Social support is our greatest strength. Our ability to turn towards friends, family and strangers for help is an essential skill in navigating our global mental health crises, says Dr. Mattu. At a time when many are feeling isolated or anxious about the future, Mattu will show us how to help each other overcome the challenges we face.

Dr. Mattu is an expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and body-focused repetitive behavior disorders. His YouTube channel has over 200 videos which have over 10 million views, and he has over 250,000 subscribers on Instagram. Dr. Mattu has served as an expert for Netflix, Vox’s “The Mind Explained: Anxiety,” and HBO’s “Doctor Commentaries.” He has been interviewed by the New York Times and appeared on Buzzfeed, MTV, CBS and NBC. Mattu has also served in a variety of leadership roles within the American Psychological Association including on the Board of Directors.

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