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Emma Goldberg

Future Proof: Positioning Students for the Changing Tide of Work

Virtual Event

Studies show that adults who describe their work as meaningful lead healthier and happier lives. In this GPS session, New York Times reporter Emma Goldberg will discuss powerful career exploration-tools to uncover personal passions. Participants will learn about actions that students can take now to set them apart in the eyes of future employers and identify the qualities employers are looking for in recent high school and college graduates. Join us and gain an understanding of work-based learning such as apprenticeships, internships, job shadowing, mentorships and informational interviewing. Here are empowering strategies that will enable youth to tailor their efforts today to the lifestyles they want to achieve tomorrow.


Emma Goldberg is an award-winning business and investigative reporter who covers both current workplace culture and the future of work. She writes about generational shifts in the workplace, hybrid work and artificial intelligence and analyzes the process of how workers’ lives are being transformed in a time of enormous social and technological change.

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