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Trevor Muir

Stop Calling them Soft Skills: The Essential Skills Employers Seek

Virtual Event

A recent U.S. survey highlighted a startling reality. The primary reason individuals are dismissed from their jobs is the lack of what we traditionally label as ‘soft skills’:  critical thinking, communication, collaboration, adaptability, and confidence.

Since there is nothing soft about being fired, perhaps we should call them something else, but more importantly, treat them as essential skills. In this presentation, Trevor Muir will challenge the outdated terminology and explore why these skills are essential in the modern workplace.

He will share strategies on how parents and educators can integrate the development of these critical competencies alongside teaching ‘hard skills’ and academic content in schools and at home.

Trevor Muir is a passionate educator, speaker, and author who has gained international recognition for his innovative teaching methods and inspiring content which empower teachers and students to unleash their full potential. Muir is the founder of The Epic Classroom and conducts workshops about student engagement and teacher success at conferences all around the world. His books, videos, blog, and podcast showcase the effectiveness of purposeful learning. Muir will address the Glenbard teaching staff at their  D87 Fest.

Speaker Resources

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