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Cara Natterson MD & Vanessa Kroll Bennett

This is So Awkward: Helping Kids Manage Today's T(w)een Culture -- Modern Puberty Explained

Virtual Event

Almost everything about puberty has changed since today’s adults went through it.

For starters, puberty begins, on average, two years earlier and stretches through high school (and for some, beyond). Many parents are contending with issues that they didn’t experience in their own youth but that they need to understand: everything from social media to new or newly-potent drugs.

Join puberty authorities Vanessa Kroll Bennett and Cara Natterson MD and learn what adults need to know about today’s t(w)een culture. Hear invaluable commentary straight from young adults on the other side of adolescence that highlights what they wish the adults in their lives had known or done differently.

Participants will learn how to talk to kids about almost anything: acne, body odor, growth spurts, eating disorders, mood swings and more! Discover science-based explanations for all the physical, emotional, and social changes, including the many ways hormones affect kids both above and below the neck.

This eye-opening and reassuring presentation will help adults understand the turbulent pubescent decade and become confident guides for today’s kids.

Cara Natterson, MD, is a pediatrician and the New York Times bestselling author of “The Care and Keeping of You” series, “Guy Stuff,” and “Decoding Boys.” She is a sought-after speaker and the founder of Worry Proof, MD.

Vanessa Kroll Bennett is the founder of Dynamo Girl, a company focused on building kids’ self-esteem through sports,

Together they co-host The Puberty Podcast, and they are co-authors of “This is So Awkward” and The Awkward Roller Coaster Newsletter. In addition, both women run Order of Magnitude, the leading brand dedicated to flipping puberty.

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