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Donna Jackson Nakazawa

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Guided Journal: A Workshop for Parents

Virtual Event

The trauma of your past can’t be undone, but you can take charge of how it affects you in the present and remove its hold over your future. Donna Jackson Nakazawa returns to GPS to guide our healing utilizing the power of journaling to release worry and access inner calm.

By putting thoughts to paper to identify and adopt new ways of responding to stress, your brain can actually re-wire these emotions. You can create a new narrative of your life — one that breaks you out of your most deeply ingrained and self-destructive thoughts and behaviors.

Gain a sense of gratitude for who you are, and learn new habits of self-talk and how to move away from self-criticism. The act of unburdening oneself is essential when working through troubling or traumatic experiences. Through thoughtful, guided writing experiences, you’ll find the strength to live authentically—with hope and optimism for the future.

Donna Jackson Nakazawa is an award-winning science journalist, author of seven books, and an internationally recognized speaker whose work explores the intersection of neuroscience, immunology, and human emotion. Her book, “Girls on the Brink: Helping Our Daughters Thrive in an Era of Increased Anxiety, Depression, and Social Media,” was named one of the year’s best books by The Washington Post. Her most recent work is “The Adverse Childhood Experiences Guided Journal: Neuroscience-Based Writing Practices to Rewire Your Brain from Trauma.”

Speaker Resources

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