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B-PAC: MulticulturalRelationships/Communication

Dr. Ferney Ramirez

Motivación y el poder de los logros y Celebración de las fiestas / Motivation and the Power of Achievement and Holiday Celebration

In person at Glenbard North

Ramírez is the author of 10 mental health publications and president of the Family First Organization. He also coordinates programs for families in Chicago and numerous Illinois school districts.

Following the presentation in Spanish, families are encouraged to stay for a holiday gathering.

For further information, visit glenbardgps.org or contact Luz Luna at [email protected] or Assistant Director for Student Services, English Learners and Equity Susanna Melón at 630-469-9100 Ext. 5167 or [email protected] .

NOTE: This event will be held in person at the Glenbard North

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