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Wellbeing/Mental HealthResilience/Compassion

Dr. Shauna Shapiro

The Power of Mindfulness to Increase Calm and Joy in Young Children

Virtual Event

Some may think self-compassion is the enemy of productivity and that to be kind to ourselves invites complacency. In fact, the opposite is true. Self-compassion is proven to increase motivation and productivity, boost resilience, and improve mental health.

Dr. Shauna Shapiro, a pioneer in the empirical study of self-compassion, shows us why we need self-compassion more than ever. She teaches us simple, yet powerful practices to cultivate it. She provides step-by-step guidance for tapping your inner resources and transforming the way you work and live. Participants will learn how the practice of mindfulness can reduce emotional reactivity and help children and adults manage stress, enhance self-compassion and make healthy life choices.

Shapiro is a clinical psychologist and self-compassion authority. She is a professor at Santa Clara University and an internationally recognized expert in mindfulness. Shapiro has published three critically acclaimed books, including: “Good Morning, I Love You,” “The Art and Science of Mindfulness: Integrating Mindfulness into Psychology and the Helping Professions,” and “Mindful Discipline: A Loving Approach to Setting Limits & Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child.”

Speaker Resources

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