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Substance Use/AbuseResilience/Compassion

Timothy Fong MD with Tom Farley

Remembering Chris Farley: Addiction, Love and Forgiveness

Virtual Event

GPS presents Growing Up Farley: A Story of Addition, Love and Forgiveness/What You Need to Know with Tom Farley and addiction psychiatrist Timothy Fong MD. This special hybrid event is presented in partnership with the DuPage County Health Dept. Prevention Leadership Team, NAMI DuPage and Serenity House.

Join GPS for our only 2022 in-person program focused on prevention, family connectedness, and strategies for raising healthy, happy teens from our country’s leading subject-matter experts. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear directly from Tom Farley how his brother, SNL legend Chris Farley, struggled with addiction that changed his family forever. If caregivers have a working knowledge of common drugs and know their effects on the mind and body, and the symptoms of their use they can discuss these subjects intelligently with their children. Here is accurate, science-based, information about drugs and the risks now.

Tom Farley, a nationally known advocate for prevention, treatment, and recovery with Rosecrance Health Network, uses humor to deliver prevention messages to young people. He will be joined by one of Glenbard’s own (West class of ‘90) Timothy Fong MD, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA and part of the faculty leadership of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative, a multidisciplinary effort to examine the full impact of cannabis on the body, mind and brain.

Special thanks go to NAMI DuPage and Serenity House.

ONE ON CAMPUS. Dr. Timothy Fong presents The Cannabis Culture. The Facts. The Fiction (YouTube)

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