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Resilience/CompassionSkill Building

Shelly Tygielski

The Path to Loving Ourselves: Self-Compassion and Self-Care for Turbulent Times

Virtual Event

Though it might seem easy to love other people, it can be difficult to find a little love for ourselves. Many people struggle with feeling unworthy at one point or another. If people cultivate self-compassion and self-care, they can avoid self-doubt and inadequacy.

Meditation teacher Tygielski will share tools to promote self-love, support emotional and physical health, build resilience and pave the way for kind, compassionate engagement with oneself and family. As parents/guardians become more patient and self-loving, teens will be encouraged to act the same and view themselves in sympathetic, healthy and positive ways.

Tygielski is author of the award-winning book “Sit Down To Rise Up: How Radical Self-Care Can Change the World.” She was honored as a CNN Hero in 2020 for her passion for increasing well-being for all.

Shelly Tygielski is a trauma-informed mindfulness teacher, self-care activist, and the founder of the global grassroots mutual aid organization Pandemic of Love. Her work has been featured by over one hundred media outlets, including CNN Heroes, the Kelly Clarkson Show, CBS This Morning, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. A Garrison Institute Fellow, she has been called one of the “12 Powerful Women of the Mindfulness Movement” by Mindful.org and teaches self-care and resilience at organizations and to audiences around the world. She  holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Miami and a Master’s Degree from Columbia University, and is currently pursuing her doctorate in Philanthropic Leadership at the Lilly School of Philanthropy at Indiana University.

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