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Upcoming Events

Tue Oct, 22 2024 @ noon and 7pm CST

Dr. Laura Koehler

HYBRID EVENT -- School Anxiety: Dealing with Resistance, Refusal and Absenteeism

Wed Mar, 19 2025 @ noon and 7pm CST

Dr. Bryan Pearlman

From Struggles to Success: Foster Goal Setting, Responsibility and Compromise

Tue Dec, 10 2024 @ noon and 7pm CST

Ana Homayoun

A Blueprint for Better Grades: Less Stress and More Free Time

Thu Mar, 6 2025 @ noon and 7pm CST

Sarah Vinson MD

Better Days: Supporting Kids' Mental Wellness When Things Aren’t OK

Thu Sep, 19 2024 @ 7-8pm CST

Chris Herren, former NBA player

HYBRID EVENT -- Prevention Starts With All: The Chris Herren Story

Thu Jan, 9 2025 @ noon and 7pm CST

Dr. Ellen Braaten

Bright Kids Who Couldn't Care Less: Tools for Tackling Motivation

Thu Aug, 22 2024 @ noon and 7pm CST

Dr. Aliza Pressman with Dr. Lisa Damour

Start The Year Off Strong: 5 Essential Skills to Raise Students Who Can Weather Life’s Storms


Mon Aug, 26 2024 @ noon and 7pm CST

Dr. Amy Cuddy with Julie Lythcott-Haims

Presence: Using Body Language and the Mind to Boost Confidence, Performance Under Stress and Social Bravery

Thu Oct, 10 2024 @ 7-8pm CST

Lissete Ochoa and Lizette Ramirez

B-PAC: Planificar el éxito en el instituto y más allá: El proceso de solicitud de ingreso en la Universidad / Planning for Success in High School and Beyond: The College Application Process

Thu Apr, 24 2025 @ 6-7pm CST

Dr. Ferney Ramirez

IN PERSON B-PAC: Herramientas Esenciales para el Éxito Escolar / Essential Tools for School Success

Wed Nov, 20 2024 @ noon and 7pm CST

Nic Sheff in coversation with Jessica Lahey

Understanding and Preventing Addiction: Beautiful Boy

Wed Nov, 13 2024 @ 7-8pm CST

An Evening with Best Buddies (Friendship Program for People with Disabilities)

Film Screening: "Saving Superman"

Tue Dec, 17 2024 @ noon and 7pm CST

Dr. Timothy Wahlberg

Strengthening Social Skills Now

Tue Aug, 27 2024 @ noon and 7pm CST

Alok Kanojia

How to Raise a Healthy Gamer: Navigate Power Struggles and Build Better Screen Habits (to Transform Your Relationship With Your Kid)

Wed Jan, 15 2025 @ noon and 7pm CST

Bruce Perry MD

What Happened to You; A Shift from "What is Wrong with You?"

Wed Jan, 22 2025 @ noon and 7pm CST

Ellen Galinsky

The Breakthrough Years: A New Scientific Framework for Raising Thriving Teens

Tue Feb, 18 2025 @ noon and 7pm CST

Dr. Amishi Jha, Glenbard South graduate

HYBRID EVENT -- Peak Mind: Enhance Your Attention, Focus your Performance and Own Your Calm

Thu Feb, 27 2025 @ 7-9pm CST

Sarah Ward and Dr. Jessica Minahan

HYBRID EVENT -- Crack the Behavior Code, Increase Organizational Skills and Harness Worry

Tue Feb, 25 2025 @ 7pm CST

Duncan Kirkwood

IN PERSON LIVE LIFE WELL WEEK -- The Critical Skills to Unleash Perseverance, Passion and Purpose

Wed Apr, 16 2025 @ noon and 7pm CST

Susan David

Emotional Agility: Skills to Navigate Change and Embrace Self-Compassion

Wed Apr, 23 2025 @ noon and 7pm CST

Cara Natterson MD & Vanessa Kroll Bennett

This is So Awkward: Helping Kids Manage Today's T(w)een Culture -- Modern Puberty Explained

Thu Nov, 14 2024 @ noon and 7pm CST

Dr. Kara Alaimo

Over the Influence: Why Social Media Is Toxic for Teens and How to Limit its Impact

Wed Dec, 4 2024 @ noon and 7pm CST

Dr. Emily Edlynn

HYBRID EVENT -- Balanced & Steady Parenting: Reduce Parental Burnout and Raise Competent, Independent Kids

Tue Oct, 29 2024 @ noon and 7pm CST

Melinda Wenner Moyer

How to Raise Teens You Want to Spend Time With: Science-based Strategies for Responsible, Respectful Kids

Thu Oct, 17 2024 @ noon and 7pm CST

Dr. John Duffy

HYBRID EVENT -- Rescuing Our Teens: 8 Solutions to Our Crisis of Disaffected Youth

Mon Sep, 30 2024 @ noon and 7pm CST

Dr. Ed Hallowell

Driven to Distraction: The New Science to Shift from Deficits to Strengths – ADHD & More

Wed Sep, 4 2024 @ noon and 7pm CST

Dr. Becky Kennedy with Lori Gottlieb

Good Inside: A Guide to Becoming the Parent You Want to Be

Past Programs

Wed Jun, 17 2020 @ 7pm CST

Ken Ginsburg MD

Building Resilience in These Uncertain Times

Tue Dec, 5 2023 @ noon and 7pm CST

Michelle Icard

8 Failures/Setbacks That Can Create Success

Wed May, 1 2024 @ 7-8pm CST

Judith Warner

And Then They Stopped Talking to Me: Surviving Middle School


Thu Jan, 11 2024 @ noon and 7pm CST

Dr. J. Stuart Ablon

Changeable: The Collaborative Problem-Solving Method to Reduce Anxiety or Challenging Behavior

Wed Nov, 30 2022 @ noon and 7pm CST

Timothy Fong MD and Tom Farley

Remembering Chris Farley: Addiction, Love and Forgiveness

Tue Mar, 19 2024 @ noon and 7pm CST

Emily Kline

The School of Hard Talks: Motivational Interviewing for Better Conversations and Stronger Relationships

Thu Feb, 29 2024 @ noon and 7pm CST

Dr. Lori Desautels

The Eyes Are Never Quiet: Listening Behind the Behaviors of Kids.

Tue Dec, 19 2023 @ noon and 7pm CST

Lisa Baylis

Dialing Back the Inner-Critic: Compassion and Kindness in Parenting

Thu Sep, 7 2023 @ 7pm CST

Frank Palmasani

Financial Aid Workshop: Discovering the Best College Fit at the Best Price

Tue Dec, 12 2023 @ noon and 7pm CST

Christine Crawford MD

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: Solutions to Help You Heal

Wed Oct, 18 2023 @ noon and 7pm CST

Dr. Sameer Hinduja

Confronting Cyberbullying and Careless, Unwise Social Media Use in Tech-Savvy Kids

Thu Nov, 9 2023 @ noon and 7pm CST

Ken Ginsburg MD

Congratulations, You're Having a Teen! -- The Guidebook You Always Wanted

Thu Aug, 24 2023 @ noon and 7pm CST

Dr. Peg Dawson and Dr. Richard Guare

Smart But Scattered: The Executive Functioning Approach to Help Kids Reach Their Potential

Tue Apr, 23 2024 @ noon and 7pm CST

Robyn Silverman

And Then They Stopped Talking to Me: Surviving Middle School


Tue Oct, 18 2022 @ 7pm CST

Susan Cain with Dr. Marc Brackett

The Quiet Power and Secret Strength of Introverts

Tue Jan, 30 2024 @ 7pm CST

Mehak Hafeez

کامیاب والدین کی کلیدیں۔ / Keys to Successful Parenting

Wed Oct, 11 2023 @ noon and 7pm CST

Bruce Perry MD

Conversations on Trauma, Resilience and Healing: What Happened to You — A shift from ‘What is Wrong with You?’

Thu Dec, 14 2023 @ 6pm CST

Dr. Ferney Ramirez

Motivación y el poder de los logros y Celebración de las fiestas / Motivation and the Power of Achievement and Holiday Celebration

Thu Dec, 7 2023 @ 7pm CST

Timothy Fields and Distinguished Panel

First a Dream: Find Your Future at College Night / Primero un sueño: Encuentra tu futuro en la Noche Universitaria

Thu Mar, 21 2024 @ 7pm CST

Dr. Mario Guzman

La relación padre-hijo: Equilibrar el amor y la autoridad / The Parent Child Relationship: Balancing Love and Authority

Thu Feb, 22 2024 @ 7pm CST

A'ric Jackson

Motivating the Next Generation to Lead Boldly

Thu Feb, 1 2024 @ 7pm CST

Dr. Tyrone Howard

All Children Must Thrive: Nurturing Connection and Belonging

Tue Sep, 19 2023 @ noon and 7pm CST

Shelly Tygielski

The Path to Loving Ourselves: Self-Compassion and Self-Care for Turbulent Times